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Ash Tree Bark

Probably the least telling of all the identification tricks, but still useful in its own right is the bark of the Ash Tree. As with every other section in ash tree identification there is some variance, but the bark on average (especially that of trees experienced in the landscape) will be similar to this.

Young ash trees will have a smoother grayish looking bark. This term of “smoother bark” is in terms that there are no furrows (crevices) throughout its appearance. Older more mature trees will have furrowed bark making it coarse looking, that has a bluish/grayish tint to it.

Young Ash Tree       Mature Ash Tree

Natural Lichen Growth On Ash Tree Bark(Pictured left) It is not a “tell all” of if it’s an ash tree, but many ash will contain a fungus on the surface of the bark called lichens (not dangerous, it lives harmoniously with the ash tree) which is flaky and blue-green in color.





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